ATX Local  Stephanie Pollard

As a child, I would watch my grandmother and aunts get together and bake. I would want to help, but mostly want to taste! I would wait patiently for the baking to be finished and my grandmother to let me lick the mixing spoon! Decades later, I still have a huge sweet tooth! 

My grandmother has left this world, but her recipes have lived on. There is nothing better than seeing the joy in people’s faces when they taste generations of great flavors. I have baked for fun and family since before I can remember, but I began my professional baking journey in 2010 after my son requested a cake shaped like R2D2. I thought, “I can do this!” After I put my artist and teaching skills to work. I ended up with a 2’ tall R2D2 cake and received great compliments. My friends started to request custom cakes…and shortly thereafter, I received orders almost every week!


Now, I still work as an artist and teacher AND I get to bake delicious confections that reflect my passions for both baking and art. I look forward to connecting with you to help with your next dessert creation!

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